Goals 1 & 2: To develop, plan for, and implement high quality performance based assessments across all content areas that are Next Generation standards aligned in all content areas, resulting in a 10% decrease in students scoring at level 1 in ELA and Math.

Goal 3: To support all students to achieve mastery (3) or better on school-wide Next Generation aligned learning targets (across all content areas).  “I can construct a viable argument and support it with evidence and reasoning.”

Goal 4: All students create high quality digital portfolios to be presented twice yearly during SLCs. Individual learning goals are set with students at the beginning of the school year in advisory and revisited through the SLC process.

Our Vision:

In our student-centered learning community, we pride ourselves on knowing our students well–academically, socially, and emotionally.  Students engage in cognitively challenging tasks: reading, writing, speaking and listening in every lesson, and our staff works in teams to use data and mastery grading to guide their instruction and interventions.  We provide students with multiple opportunities to showcase their work and learning through student-led conferences, presentations of learning and passage presentations, fostering confidence and presentation skills necessary to thrive in our community.